Social Media Management Cost 2018

How much will your social media marketing cost you in 2018?

Social media development is the only way to connect with potential clients online.

Corporate Axtion International was established to help small and mid-sized companies expand their on line presence using social media. We create a Twitter account, Facebook page, WordPress Webpage/Website etc. to expand your online social media footprint. We don’t just set up these accounts, we continue to provide good content for your business while developing relationships with potential customers. By expanding your online presence, your company will not only benefit from better visibility but also directly impact your Google rankings positively, and in the event potential customers will be more likely to do business with a company that has an online persona.

Following the scope of our Social Media Management Services.

Monthly Social Media Management
R2280pm 8h R3733pm 15h R4 334 20h
Google+ Business
Logo & Brand Management
Profile Integration
Minimum Additional - R200 for Advertisements
*Paid in advance
*2 Calendar Months notice
*Excluding Hosting
*Excluding Designs @ R280per design
Social Media Management & SEO
R5 200pm 20h
Google+ Business
+2 Other Platforms
Profile Integration
Quarterly Website Report
Strategic Marketing Management
Link Building
*Paid in advance
Minimum Additional - R500 for Paid Platform Advertisements
Paid in advance
2 Calendar Months notice
*Excluding Designs @ R280per design
Corporate Social Media Management
R7800 25 Hours
Facebook Page
Google+ Business
Linkedin Business Page
Brand Management
Profile Integration
Keyword Research
Competitors Research
Minimum Additional - R2000 for Online Platform Advertisements
*Paid in advance
Basic Design 3 hours included there after R280 per design
*2 Calendar Months Notice

Want to redesign your website, create an online shop? Send us an email with the parameters you have in mind and we will prepare a quote for you.



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