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Our social media management business package is ideal for start-ups and businesses that have a limited budget but want to start their online social media management.  We create and promote your brand on your behalf.  When it comes to online social media management it is all about dedicating your time.  Most of the times business owners are so involved in doing their business they always think they will start their online marketing tomorrow.  They then end up not doing it at all.  It is a known fact that more and more businesses are realizing the importance of going online.  Dedicating either their own time or appoint someone to do social media management on their behalf.  It is easy to buy into online marketing.  All of us go online at least 5 times a day to search for things we need.  Gone are the days that we relied on conventional marketing.  We need to be online, we need to communicate and we need to be seen as a role player in our specific field.  Whenever a potential client wants something they go onto Google use a search key word, and if you are part of that pool you will have an equal opportunity. For less than R2500 a dedicated11 – 15 Hours per month (@ R200 per hour), you can start your business professional online marketing.


Social media management, why not?  Social media platforms are some of the most engaging types of platforms. A staggering percentage of the world is signed up to one social media site or another. Starting your own may sound appealing, but can feel like a pipe dream.  Unless you’re skilled to know how to get the various different platforms to work properly, this can be daunting.  Our social media management business package is ideal for start-us and businesses that have a limited budget but want to start a few platforms at a time to take advantage of social media to promote their brand, product and services at affordable prices.

Platform Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin – Website articles, designs, strategic social media management.




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