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Whether you are a small or medium business with a few employees, or a large corporate with hundreds  of employees, LabourPro® has a software package to suit your needs.

LabourPro®  offer you a choice of Basic, Classic or Professional Edition. 

Good labour relations in any business are imperative for growth, increased revenue and profit. South African labour legislation regulates the relationship between employers, employees and trade unions.It is extremely important for business owners to be well informed as to what legislation affects them and the impact it could have on their business. If not properly managed, it could potentially become a minefield.

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Labour Pro is an integrated labour relations programme for businesses. We guide and assist businesses in a practical and supportive way with regard to the required processes and procedures to ensure compliance and to minimise the risk to which the business is exposed when employing staff. LabourPro Disciplinary software, revolutionises disciplinary management in South-Africa and is becoming the de facto standard for labour procedures in companies of all sizes. LabourPro empowers managers that lack the necessary skills in labour law, by allowing them to apply disciplinary measures rapidly to employees in a manner that is fair and consistent, and that meets with the rules and values of the company.

LabourPro caters to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses benefit from the procedural simplicity of the system while large organisations can apply a strategic approach to disciplinary management because they are able to view information in a manner that has been impossible to access thus far.

LabourPro is positioned to help local businesses achieve greater value from their operations. This is done by making their employees accountable for their actions and directing them towards the common goals of the organisation. Our world-class product and competent staff will be able to assist our customers to make this a reality.

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