Unfortunately, there’s no “set it and forget” function when it comes to managing your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Successful social media marketing requires sustained quality and consistency to build interest and following.

Client Details

Ultimate Outdoor Bainskloof Pass, Wellington, Western Cape.

Services Provided

Hunting & Fishing Adventures, Host & Tour Guide.

Project Timeline

12 Days for Web design, 3 Days for Logo Design and 2 weeks for testing and social media platform integration.

Project Overview

The client had been in die hunting business for the past 11 years.  Our initial modus operandi was to determine the scope of his current business and determined how we as a team can best re-align his business to suit his vision for the next 5 years. 

The Back Story

The client has evolved on so many levels without adjusting or updating his online profile to fit the growth of his business.  We recreated his brand and rewrote his business journey for potential clients to get a better understanding of his experience and what will he as a Professsional Hunter and storyteller bring to the table.  We also added an online booking system to create an income revenue from possible revenue options abroad.or 

Duan Brits 1

Ultimate Outdoor has moved from a local business to not only having exposure country wide but mainly to get his clients from the United Kingdom and America.