Social Media Marketing

Today it has become sort of a trend to get into your overalls and be your own Social Media Marketer – DIY.  Social Media Marketing requires a mixture of objectivity and empathy. The objective to market someone else and not YOURSELF, makes all the difference when it comes to being successful in marketing products, services or people.

Based on no research other than existing, I feel it’s safe to say that most people are terrible at marketing not to mention social media marketing efforts, especially when it comes to marketing themselves. It asks you to be objective in relationship to yourself.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the majority of people are terrible at marketing themselves. Not everyone is good at marketing, and marketing oneself relies not upon understanding oneself but understanding how others perceive you. Or can be manipulated into perceiving you.

Social media marketing provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, thus giving your business the ability to share news about your products and services with people that were once out of your reach. Products and services don’t exist in a bubble. People and products are more and more embedded in stories and people want to relate with a person.  Social Media Marketing research continuously proves the obvious:  a person needs to know you, your reputation, and your product or service before he/she is willing to make a purchase.

Building visibility, familiarity and a positive reputation takes time and a series of memorable contacts.  How many contacts (or “touches”) it takes depends on many factors, such as price, complexity of product, “need vs. want,” competition, etc.  On average it take 7 contacts before someone buys from you, thus the truth that sales is a process – exactly that – a process.

Branding Corporate Axtion DIY Marketing copyNo matter what you’re selling, in all likelihood you are selling yourself.  I make it my business to get to know you, your reputation, your product or service as well as your competitor’s reputation – their strength and weaknesses. In the end together we create revenue. Your goal is to fill the first page of Google with as many positive results as possible. Don’t underestimate the value of an integrated personal and business brand; and don’t overestimate the amount you think you need to spend to brand yourself.  It is my business to brand you. Laura Erasmus|Corporate Axtion International – Social Media Marketing