Scope of Services

We provide social media marketing for entrepreneurs and Small Medium sized enterprises so you can grow & network with your target market   At Corporate Axtion our Social Media Marketer and Business Consultant, empower clients and leverage the power of social media tools. 

Corporate Axtion, SME Developer will show you how to create a virtual footprint on various platforms using the tools of social media and create a social media strategy that you can easily follow or empower you to do it.

There are various steps along a purchaser’s decision journey and each step presents a communication opportunity. We help your business understand how to look at data to understand how customers behave and develop communication strategies that influence decision making.

Our holistic approach helps SME (Small Medium Enterprizes) and growing businesses succeed.

Initial Phase include:

  • ¤ Business vision and goals identification
  • ¤ Short and long term strategy identification
  • ¤ Focus on content, context and relevance based on evidence
  • ¤ Site optimization: usability, tags, links, content and keyword choices
  • ¤ Personal-based communication strategies -alignment with purchaser’s decision journey
  • ¤ Google Webmaster tools: site indexing and health check, keyword analysis
  • ¤ Training and development –  help you to monitor analytics data and develop relevant strategies

Expected Results

  • ¤ Business goals aligned with website goals
  • ¤ Reaching and engaging with your target market
  • ¤ More visitors, loyal customers, leads generated, or sales
  • ¤ Impact profits and return on investment

Why do your business need to be aware of your sites statistics & web analytics?

If you have an actual storefront you will get to know your visitors better by having conversations with them and observing their behaviour while they are in your store.  You will recognize each visitor as an individual with a name and distinct preferences that you will accommodate once you get to know them better.

Even before visitors enter your store the showroom display and signage will give them a good idea of what they could expect to find when they enter. If the showroom display or signage are not relevant, they will bypass your store, but if what they see appeals to them, they will enter. With one glance, the store’s entire layout will be obvious to them.

On your website, all visitors are treated the same. Without any human assistance, they will have to find their way around your site. If they find your site’s layout and navigation confusing, or if the search term that led them to your site does not meet with their expectation when they get to your site, they will leave and never return.

Since you will not get the opportunity to interact with visitors the way you would in a store, you would not know what you can do to improve your visitors’ experiences. With lack of data, you would not know how many visitors your site attracted and whether they found your content engaging and relevant.

With a web analytics tool, you will be able to understand where your visitors are coming from, what keywords bring them to your site, whether they find your content relevant and engaging, whether your site is serving its purpose, and whether it is helping you and your customers achieve your respective goals.

A web analyst will help you understand your website analytics data and identify the data that is most relevant to your business goals and the nature of your business. With insight, you will be able to focus on what is most important to you and your customers and communicate with customers more effectively.