Labour Software|Gauteng & Mpumalanga

The new era in disciplinary management. Adding value to your Labour Consultant or your HR Management team. This software is the start of fostering the healthy employer/employee relationship – limiting the gap for CCMA charges against you as the employer.

The cost of LabourPro® Software will definitely be a positive surprise.

LabourPro® is a fast becoming the new standard for handling misconduct in the work place and represents a paradigm shift in disciplinary management.

This is a licensed product. If you would like to find out more about our three options, the support we render and how LabourPro® can add value to your business, you can contact us via our contact page.

Stephne Holtzhausen @ 082 371 9003 – Gauteng|Mpumalanga

Following a presentation on the scope of the support functionalities you can expect from our Labour Software.

The fundamental quality of LabourPro®, is that it is fair. Employees are protected from arbitrary dismissal because certain procedures have to be followed before a dismissal can occur. The company on the other hand can insist on its right and entitlement to satisfactory conduct and work performance from it’s employees.

Protection and productivity, harmoniously balanced…

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