Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Importance of your Website Page Speed

Think about your website page speed. Before we dive into any of the fancy SEO and internet marketing stuff, the importance of page speed should be obvious. A site that takes too long to load and respond to the visitor’s requests is going to create a bad user experience and […]

website page speed

How much should your Photographer charge in 2016?

A small local business can find a photographer in this price range rather easily. The rate depends on many factors. The type of photography and production required does play a role in pricing. It’s also more common today for photographers to consider your website traffic in their estimate. I recommend […]

More Important Than Ever Your Small Business Marketing needs to be online

Online marketing isn’t something new for small businesses to consider anymore. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… having been going on for years and seemingly has no end in sight. Yet, far too many small business owners neglect how important online marketing is for their business success. Among the reasons […]